Daybreak Me

Optimize the camera day and night settings on controlled outdoor light conditions based on the sun position.  The sun positions (dawn, sunrise, noon, sunset, dusk and midnight) are calculated using the date and geo-location.  The service provides automatic switching of camera parameters on day and night.



  • Optimize camera image control, especially during twilight
  • Control other actions based on the six sun positions


  • Easy geo-location settings using google map interface
  • Switch any camera parameter between day and night value
  • Pre-defined profiles settings for the most common camera setting
  • Snapshot images on each sun position for validation the day after
  • Generates six sun position events (dawn, sunrise, noon, sunset, dusk and midnight)
  • Generates stateful day event
  • Selectable day time between dawn-dusk or sunrise-sunset
  • Fine-tune dusk/dawn positions


Camera platform: ARTPEC 4/5 (MIPS) & AMBARELLA (ARM)
Firmware: 5.60 or later
Download (Version 2.3.1 for mips, arm6, arm7 & arm7hf)


  1. One of the most useful ACAP’s I’ve ever used…have this deployed in quite a few cameras where I need to toggle HDR, etc. based on day/night. Thank you!


    1. Have you tired installing the S1 version of Daybreak Me? I think the latest FW for M1014 is 5.50 and that the HW is based on ARM. It should work. I have not tested it on M1014 and I have no possibilities to validate or troubleshoot for that camera.

      Would it be possible to develop the service as a LUA-script? I don’t know. Even though LUA is available in the camera it is not supported in the ACAP SDK. I think it could be a real challenge to develop it with LUA due to the limited camera resource interface in the LUA environment.


  2. hi, the S1 version is installable on this camera type, simulating the events on the snapshot page is working but showing not the correct value of the event (all 6 pictures show thr same). I will see tomorror if the plugin runs well and let you know ! thank you for your work on this 🙂


    1. You need to flush all the images in order for the app to automatically update new images on sun position. The images will only be updated once. This also applies if you manually click the images. So, flush images and wait 24 hours.

      If you manually click an image it will be updated and at the same time generate an event for that sun position. This way you can validate that an “external” action triggered by the event (e.g. pull the digital output high) will trigger without needing to wait for that sun position.


    1. Some elaboration on error description would help.
      Does it install? If not, did you check to install the correct EAP-file?
      Does it start? If not, any error messages?
      Does the user interface look corrupt? If so, does the client have internet access and which browser is used?
      Does the parameter switching not working? Are the parameters you try to switch supported by the camera?


  3. Hi,
    1. Error: Could not start application, File verication failed.
    2.Status stopped. Can’t be started.
    3. Upload of s1 failed.
    4. Version 2.2 mipsisa32r2el.eap suceed, but its not possible to start.



    1. Hello,
      meanwhile after several new installations, it was possible to start and the app is running. Internet Access is available.
      Error: camera could not send event noon id4.
      Testing the trigger manually:
      E.g Fire event dawn. Ir cut filter. Day/yes Night/No
      Result: No Action ?



      1. I think that the error message “camera could not send event idx” is due to an ACAP initialization timing problem. I have not seen any issues with events after the first event is sent. I will look into this in a future update.

        Note that events and profile/parameters changing is not tied together. Upon a sun position change the service will first update the profiles/parameters and then send an event. The events are only interesting if you tie an external action to a sun position update.

        The other issue you describe that parameters are not changed when clicking/updating the snapshot is according to my implementation. Clicking a snapshot will update the snapshot and send an event, but it will not update any profiles/parameters. This will allow an installer to validate an external action execution without waiting for a specific sun position. I agree that not updating parameters may seem a bit illogical. I may change this behavior in a future update.


    2. The “File verification failed” error is due to an oddity (bug) in the FW/ACAP SDK and it is not related to the ACAP service itself. It could happen to any ACAP. I do not know the full nature of the bug but it seems to happen frequently when an ACAP service is updated. My experience is that this can be resolved in two ways. Uninstall the ACAP service and install it again or reboot the camera and start the service again. I hope Axis will resolve this in a coming FW.


      1. Hello,
        this morning i checked the snapshots. No action or new snapshot was done.
        I checked the log: camera: cannot set parameter (internal error)


        1. I think that the parameter path for IR cut filter is different on the Q6045 compared to the fixed cameras. The pre-defined profiles are based on fixed cameras. Check the cameras parameter list to secure the correct parameter path.
          Your other issues seems odd. Let us take it off-line. Send log to admin at


  4. The app works great and is very useful, but just had an issue (we had daylight savings last night) where all cameras are stuck with WDR mode off; they work after stopping and then resrarting the app.


  5. I was hoping that I that I had taken all the DST into considerations. Apparently not. What country are you in as most will switch March 27? It seems that I may get a few comments March 27. There are a number of conditions to take into account and hard to validate. I am sorry that you suffered but happy that you recovered. I expect the service to automatically recover itself upon the next sun event, possibly the next day. I will look into this and see what assumptions I missed. Thank you for pointing out the flaw.


    1. Hello,

      I am in the US. I restarted the app on few cameras and left a few hoping they would reset tomorrow and start switching back and forth after that so I’ll let you know.

      The rest, to explain in more detail, look like they are still running ok, the map and time settings all looked ok, except the daylight times were still listed as the pre-daylight savings time (6am sunrise instead of 7am). I checked camera mid-day when WDR mode should have been on and they were off. Upon restarting the application, the WDR mode changed within a few seconds to on, what it should have been, and the daylight times in the app configuration updated to the correct sunrise time (7am).



  6. Hello everyone,
    This application is exactly what I need.
    Unfortunately I am unable to get it working on any of my 4 cameras.
    I tried it on P1365-E MKII (fw6.40.1.1), P1405-LE (fw6.40.1.1), M3105-LVE (fw6.15.2).
    System log is full of these messages:
    Camera: Could not send event sunrise (id 3)
    events_fire: event daytime not found
    Camera: Cannot set parameter root.ImageSource.I0.Sensor.BacklightCompensation=yes (internal error)

    Could anyone help, please.
    Thanks in advance.


    1. The latest update should resolve your issue for the daytime event.

      The error message “Camera: Could not send event sunrise (id 3)” may be shown in the system log after starting Baybreak Me. If you continue getting these message during normal operation you can try restarting the camera.

      Note that some parameter paths may differ between different camera models. You may need to adjust the predefined Day/Night profiles for selected camera models.


      1. Hi,

        Thanks for your reply!

        The new version fixed all my problems.
        I can use the app exactly as I wanted.

        Thanks a lot for your valuable support,


  7. Hi, having trouble getting this to run on M3106-LVE with 7.20.1 fw
    It installs, and when started it stops.
    Logs b
    systemd[1]: Started daybreakme.
    respawnd[1253]: Respawning “/usr/local/packages/daybreakme/daybreakme”.
    [ ERR ] respawnd[3938]: execv failed!
    [ WARNING ] respawnd[1253]: Child pid 3938 exited with status 1.
    [ ERR ] respawnd[1253]: Respawning “/usr/local/packages/daybreakme/daybreakme”.
    respawnd[3957]: execv failed!
    [ WARNING ] respawnd[1253]: Child pid 3957 exited with status 1.
    [ INFO ] systemd[1]: Stopping daybreakme…
    [ INFO ] sdkdaybreakme[4055]: * Stopping daybreakme…
    [ INFO ] daybreakme[0]: stopping daybreakme
    [ INFO ] sdkdaybreakme[4055]: No /usr/local/packages/daybreakme/daybreakme found running; none killed.
    [ INFO ] sdkdaybreakme[4055]: [ ok ]
    [ INFO ] systemd[1]: Stopped daybreakme.
    [ INFO ] systemd[1]: Starting daybreakme…


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