This blog is dedicated to share experience and plugins around Axis Camera Application Platform.  The blog nor its content is in any way sponsored or supported by Axis Communications.



  1. Great idea to make Acap’s more available. If you have emptied all ideas of things to implement 🙂 I think it would be great if the network tool IPerf could be used as an Acap. This way it would be really easy to do a bandwidth test before signing off an installation or when doing troubleshooting.


    1. The main purpose would be to test the local network, ie let Iperf run as server or deamon on the cameras and then run Iperf as client on VMS-server (or other machine) on the lan. Running a Iperf test against one camera would test the whole link betwen camera and server and if run simultaneously on several cameras a stress test on the network could be performed (can the switches handle it?).


  2. Hi,

    its so nice and kind from you, that you share your work for free here. i am using your daybreak me app with so much pleasure, and it saves a lot of time !

    one question i have, that maybe could be usefull for other users two !

    I am using the Text and Image Overlay function of the axis cameras very often. it is always a big pain to use the image overlay function when it comes to the point to make it “dynamic image overlay” because when you change the image overlay with an http request, after that was successfull the only way that this new set image appears in the active rtsp stream, is to stop and restart the rtsp stream to make the new image overlay image visible.

    my question is, … is there a way to write an acap that makes this a little bit more painless?

    Kind Regards
    Dirk Jensen


    1. I think Axis has added support for what you are requesting and it is called “Axis Dynamic Overlay”. Contact Axis partner program helpdesk for additionell information.


  3. Question: Are you available for doing any custom work? I need an ACAP App that shows me a list of IP Addresses connected to the camera (I know that’s currently available), but then let’s me disconnect any one of them (that part doesn’t exist).


  4. Hi, do you think it would be possible to add an audio overlay with waveform utilizing the wavesurfer.js to the video? Especially in the p7214 encoder, the f41&f44 and all the upcomming products.


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