This blog is dedicated to share experience and plugins around Axis Camera Application Platform.  The blog nor its content is in any way sponsored or supported by Axis Communications.



  1. Great idea to make Acap’s more available. If you have emptied all ideas of things to implement 🙂 I think it would be great if the network tool IPerf could be used as an Acap. This way it would be really easy to do a bandwidth test before signing off an installation or when doing troubleshooting.


    1. The main purpose would be to test the local network, ie let Iperf run as server or deamon on the cameras and then run Iperf as client on VMS-server (or other machine) on the lan. Running a Iperf test against one camera would test the whole link betwen camera and server and if run simultaneously on several cameras a stress test on the network could be performed (can the switches handle it?).


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