My role at Axis

ACAPShare has been my hobby project for years, driven by my personal interest and passion of integration and finding new and alternative solutions.  Despite the limited time I have put into this blog I am very happy of the views, followers, and feedback it has generated.

As many of you already know (or suspected), I am a long-time employee at Axis Communications.  My role at Axis has open an opportunity to bring my experience of my work into practice.

We are now a small group at Axis that is called Axis Integration Team.  The purpose is to assist and inspire people who wants to solve use cases by building, testing, and integrating Axis devices into a solution.  We are targeting people that have or take the role of an IT-integrator.  We have a blog, GitHub account and publish videos on our YouTube channel where we can share interesting solutions and recipes.  I will keep and maintain the blog and the ACAPs I have published.  My contributions in the form of ACAP will be limited.  Node-RED is currently my favorite integration tool.  And of course, you can install Node-RED in a camera as an ACAP.

You can find more information

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