Timelapse Me

Timelapse Me is an updated version of  Videolapse Me.   It is not possible to transfer settings nor share recordings between them.  You can have them both installed and running at the same time while you transition over to Timelapse Me.

Download (ZIP file including support for MIPS, ARM6, ARM7 and ARM7HF)

Changes from Videolapse Me

  • Simplified user interface
  • Ability to add timers without switching over to the camera timer page
  • Daytime filter (Sun Events). See construction site progress configuration below

Know limitations

  • You have to mount a storage device (SD Card or NAS) before starting Timelapse Me
  • Archive retention may not remove old recordings
  • Spelling error in user interface

Daytime construction site progress

A common use case for time-lapse video is watching the progress of some construction by taking a picture e.g. every hour.  In most cases there is not much happening during night.  Having night pictures may even make your video less pleasant to watch.  Videolapse Me has a new feature that you can use to prevent night pictures.

By setting Geolocation, Timezone and daylight savings Timelapse Me is able to track sun events which can be used when configuring a time-lapse video.


Set “Light Condition” in your time lapse configuration to “Only between Sunrise-Sunset” or “Only between Dawn-Dusk”.


Download (ZIP file including support for MIPS, ARM6, ARM7 and ARM7HF)


  1. Hi,
    is there a chance that someone can develop a light and simple app for livestreaming to youtube only.
    this would be very nice if possible.
    What do you think?
    Best Regards
    Dirk Jensen


      1. Yes I know that. I was just looking for a cost effective way. The license model from camstreamer is very bad ….
        Best regards


  2. Any chance to get some source code to help us get started? The samples that come with the ACAP SDK are very basic. How to for example make a http request? What library is best? How to cross compile so it’s available on all the platforms. Cheers.


    1. I would ask Axis if they can provide better source examples 🙂

      I assume you want the device to make an HTTP request to some network resource. I would recommend using curl. Axis devices have libcurl included in FW but there is no ACAP SDK to utilize this. There are a number of options. One of them is copying a number of libs (libcurl + ssl and a few more) from the camera to your ACAP SDK development environment in order to get the dynamic linking to work. This is a bit tedious if you need to compile ACAP for multiple platforms (ARM and a number of MIPS). And, there is a risk that future FW will update curl and SSL making your ACAP incompatible. Alternative 2 is to cross-compile curl to be included in your ACAP. This is the simplest way and you remove dependencies to the FW but will also make your ACAP big. Alternative 3 is to load the libcurl.so using dlopen(…) and load the common curl-functions as function pointers using dlsym(…). I use option 3 in few ACAP.


      1. Thanks for your help! Slowly getting there 😉
        Are third party apps able to have extended UI on the app page where you start/stop the app? Also can we add a ‘Open’ link that some of the Axis apps have.


        1. Yes, an ACAP web page can control the ACAP start/stop/remove by sending VAPIX requests to the camera. I have used that on a number of my ACAP. When a user opens my ACAP index.html the page request a list of all installed ACAP to identify if the ACAP is running or not. If not it will automatically start it.

          The call for starting an ACAP is /axis-cgi/applications/control.cgi?action=start&package=your_package_id. This is all described in the VAPIX documentation found on axis.com partner pages. You ACAP HTML page can use all the VAPIX calls.


  3. Having some difficulties getting this working on a AXIS M2026-LE MK II

    everything setups correctly but I am unable to view the saved avi file.

    If I select the link and navigate to:

    I get the error:
    The server encountered an error and could not complete your request

    In the log I get these errors
    2020-02-21 22:15:07 INFO timelapse_recordings_http_callback: export 1582029120
    2020-02-21 22:15:07 INFO File export: TestHr_2020-02-19_2_days_10_fps.avi (6114748)
    2020-02-21 22:15:07 WARNING http_respond_data: Error sending data.

    If I select the frames link, the frames view page comes up, but there are no images displayed. the next and previous buttons appear but the do not show any results.

    there are no error logs reported when looking at this location.

    The timelapse that I have setup looks like it’s workin, it shows a growing size and increasing number of frames.

    I have reset camera and completed complete re-install and still no luck. Not sure what to try next. It saving to local SD card.


    1. No, you are not spamming. Any solution that provides some valuable use case is welcome. Sometimes a cloud hosted solution is needed. Different needs requires different solutions.


  4. Hi
    I have a question for TIMELAPSE ME.
    Is there a limit to the capacity that can be recorded on the SD card?
    I make AVI videos every day. Does the application stop when the capacity of the SD card exceeds 2GB?

    Best Regards,
    Shigeru Neagari


    1. The limitation of 2GB is in the MJPEG AVI. I have not tested trying to exceed that. I assume the file will fail playing from start or end as the AVI header may get corrupt if some offset pointer wraps to 0.


  5. TimeLapse Me Help
    I have a site that is a closed network, no internet access.
    There are four axis cameras w/Timelapse Me installed. While we are able to see the correct HTML web page when we were in our lab during the initial setup, we are now unable to view the full web application. Just shows a raw HTML code


  6. I love this program have been using successfully for some time. Recently I have tried also adding the CamStreamer app to the camera and am not running into issues.


    With the stream app running I get the following error from timelapse me when it attempt to save an image

    15:10:00 WARNING main_event_callback: No image captured
    15:10:00 WARNING timelapse_recordings_add_snapshot: Could not open stream

    I have attempted to create a new view area on the camera and point the camsteamer app to the new one but this seems to have not helped.

    Any advice /help you can provide would be appreciated.


    1. I am not sure how you combine the Camstreamer and Timelaspe. They both run independantly but use the cameras internal resorces. They target different use cases.
      The log messages indicates that the Timelapse ACAP is not able to use the camera resource to open a stream to capture an image. This could happen if the requested resolution is not supprted by the camera. This could also be that the service for some reason is occupied by other services or possible entered some unstable state. The behaviour/error may be dependant on what HW platform the cameras is (ARTPEC-5,6,7…). Do you get error messsages when not running Camstreamer?


    1. A Web UI is just a number of HTML files that you need to add in ther HTML directory. There are examples of this in the ACAP SDK. As for MQTT, SDK updates is on its way where an ACAP can utilize the firmware MQTT client. As of now, you can include the paho MQTT libraries in the ACAP or dymaically load the MQTT libraries included in the firmware from version 9.80


  7. Will this work on an Axis camera if a continuous recording is already started and saving to the sd card as well?


    1. Yes, You have two different services storing files on separate directories. They will not impact each other. Timelapse is not really reacording. For every snapshot taken by timelapse opens an AVI-file and appends the image. Recording stores video.


  8. I am trying to take a picture once a day of a certain location(s) on my ptz camera. I see the detector option, ptz presets, ptz preset reached on channel 1, my location. From my understanding it will take a photo every time it reaches this position and I have it going to this position every 5 minutes. How do I create some sort of delay to only have it take a photo in this location once per day. Its almost like I need to stack a timer trigger with this but is there some way to do this that I do not know?


    1. Interesting setup. I assume you have some kind of Guard-tour that jumps between different presets so preset-reached is not usable. Events and timing can get a bit tricky. I cannot come up with any obvious perfect solution. One option is to create an action based on a daily schedule to got to the preset you want @12:00. Then you create a second schedule @12:01 that triggers a Timelapse and hope that the preset has not changed.


      1. That is actually exactly what I ended up doing. It is cumbersome as I turn off the guard tour with an event at 12 and then move the camera to the desired position every few minutes with an event and then made an event timelapse trigger that your program snaps the photo at that time. It would be nice if you could put something in the program that has a schedule first and then the reached ptz preset position second. That way I could say that during this time when the camera passes through those preset positions it takes a photo only at that time. I could make the guard tour an hour or 30 minutes long and when it cycles through those positions it would be able to take that photo. I would be willing to pay for this functionality. Send me an email if you would like to discuss.


  9. Does anyone know how to remove the timestamp from the downloaded timelapse? or download just the images from the timelapse?


    1. Sorry, the syntax for filename is fixed. The syntax helps when downloading several timeplape from multiple cameras with limited risk of overwriting.
      The images are stored in an AVI container. There is an API to grab individual images but you need to know the recording ID and the index of that image.


  10. In timelapse I am adding timelapse every day. Is there any option so that If I set it must not ask me to do everyday adding timelapse.


  11. Hi! It’s really good app. But what I must write in optional image settings if I want take a shot from non home position? I created preset position ”1” and wrote cv.lecturesight.cameraoperator .ptz.start.preset 1 in optional image settings but it don’t work?
    Thanks in advance for the help


    1. TimelapseMe is not capable of controlling PTZ. The optional image settings is to control compression, color saturation, etc. You have to control PTZ by other means. You can get TimelapseMe to capture on the event “PTZ Preset reached”

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thank you for your answer it’s working. But how can I make some gap between reached position and start capturing? Autofocusing and white balancing still working when camera capturing and I recive different rusult every frame. It’s very bad for me(


      2. Thank you for your answer it’s working. But how can I make some gap between reached position and start capturing? Autofocusing and white balancing still working when camera capturing and I recive different rusult every frame. It’s very bad for me(


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