If you are like me, using the web browser to fiddle with your cameras, you may sometimes get a bit frustrated over the cameras user interface.

UI Me is an alternative camera web interface that is optimized for device management, maintenance and configuration.  The ACAP consists only of HTML and JavaScript files. There is no binary file.  This means that it is platform independent, installable on any Axis camera and it will not impact the performance in any way.  Some features will require that the camera firmware version is 6.50 or later.


Compared the existing camera interface you will find the following:

  • Navigation and views are optimized for management and configuration
  • Reduced page loading time for browsers
  • Camera setting wizard where you select the best image
  • Video settings that shows current bitrate and FPS
  • Hardening Guide that helps you quickly make the camera more secure
  • Syslog viewer that allows filtering on severity level and free-text
  • Device info page including the CPU load.
  • Status information displayed when needed
  • Works great on mobile devices

Browser-independent H.264 video streaming (without additional components) is supported (Requires firmware 6.50 or later)


Not all settings in the camera is ported.  Some links will lead to the default camera pages.  Future updates may port additional settings.



Download UI Me

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