Iris Auto On

The Axis PTZ domes allow to configure preset positions. These help to move quickly to a specific viewpoint. Part of such a preset is not just the P, T and Z position, but also whether the iris should be set to auto or fixed.

Fixed iris is sometimes necessary in complex lighting situations where auto doesn’t yield the desired result. This can be a great help but, it is a tad inconvenient when steering the dome away from the preset position. You have to manually set the iris back to auto again. Before firmware version 5.75 the domes couldn’t do that by themselves.

The Iris Auto On application solves this. I should say, solved. The feature ended up in the firmware itself! But if you have a dome for which no fw 5.75 or higher is available you can still install this application. As soon as the camera has moved more than a configurable threshold, it sets the iris back to auto for you. It would have been easier if the camera did all this by itself, maybe there will be a future firmware upgrade some time. But until that day this ACAP can take care.

Tech note: Read carefully: when it has moved. It determines position when the dome is stopped. So if you go into a continuous pan it doesn’t enable the auto iris.

Tech note 2: Iris Auto On takes quite a detour in order to its job. It tunes in to the “camera event stream” in order to get notified what is happening with the PTZ. The event stream is a password protected external interface of the camera, like video, and that explains why you have to configure a username and password in the application configuration.

Download:  ARTPEC-3  ARTPEC-4

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