In most cases a server holds information about a camera that clients can request. However, there may be situations when a client has no server query or the server has no service to store the information.

Locate Me is not a “stand-alone” application, it’s a service that other clients, systems and applications can use to query information about a cameras location. The service stores the camera location information and provides interfaces for clients and applications. The location information needs to be set when the camera is mounted, typically by an installer using the service GUI (graphical user interface).  Note that not all fields needs to be set, only the the data that clients may want to query.

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The location data is divided into four groups and each group contains a number of predefined fields. The GUI divides the groups with tabs.

  • GeoLocation information
  • Address information
  • Mounting information
  • Network information

The data is stored in the cameras parameter handler. This means that a client can use the VAPIX param CGI to query the data. The data will also be included in the cameras server report.

VAPIX request: http://<camera ip>/axis-cgi/param.cgi?action=list&group=locateme


Loacate Me JSON request: http://<camera ip>/local/locateme/settings



  • Axis camera based on ARTPEC 4/5 (MIPS) or AMBARELLA (ARM)
  • Camera FW 5.40 or later


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