Have you ever been frustrated on the cameras web page loading when you need to quickly switch between different pages? Do you find yourself solving this by opening multiple tabs in the browser containing a specific camera page?

Link Me is a playful ACAP add-on that gives you quick links to all major camera pages. It provides four sidebars (top, bottom, left, right), grouping links between Camera config, Admin config, maintenance and ACAP add-ons. The last group gives someone like me value as my cameras are cluttered with ACAP Add-ons (you may get there some day). Not only does it give quick-links, each opened page will be cached in the browser (through multiple iframes). When going back to a previous page there will be no loading time.

Link Me

Note the Link Me is not true ACAP. There is no binary service running in the camera. It is small collection of HTML and JavaScript and uses ACAP platform as a deployment scheme. This will also allow Link Me to be installed on any camera regardless of model, platform and firmware version.


  • Quick links to all major camera pages
  • Page caching when visiting each camera page
  • Ability to display video (5 fps MJPEG) in a floating resizable dialog.
  • Does not impact camera behavior or stability in any way.

Known limitations:

  • Optimized for fixed cameras (no quick-links to PTZ pages)

Tips & Tricks

  • Add a link on the bottom of the Live View Page to “Link Me”
    [ Setup | Live View Config | User Defined Links]


  • Any camera model or firmware version

Download (ZIP-file)

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