Axis cameras has the capability of uploading web pages and JavaScript via
[ Setup | System Options | Advanced | File Upload ]. This will get tedious if you need to install and remove these on multiple cameras.

It is possible to develop ACAP Add-Ons that only consists of HTML pages and JavaScripts and no binaries. These Add-Ons provides a user interfaces dedicated to a specific user or use-case. As there is no binaries service running in the camera it does not impact camera performance or stability.  The Link Me Add-On is such ACAP.

The ACAP SDK has a script that allows creating an EAP-package without binaries that can then be installed in cameras. Instead of using “ ARTPEC-4” you need to run “ lua” when you are in your project directory. This will require that the package.conf is adjusted and there is a file called some_name.xml.

Download the source code package for Link Me as a starting point. Change all instances of “linkme” in all files to make your own package.


  1. hi, I try to write my own cgi script or C programs for ACAP/AXIS cameras but we cannot run them with apache web server embedded in the cameras. All work fine on old versions of software with boa web server. Can somebody explian me how is it possible ?

    Thanks in advance


    1. The Apache server configuration in the cameras will not let you add your own HTTP endpoints. You can develop a small ACAP with your own HTTP endpoints. You can choose to put you logic there or that your ACAP executes scripts that you include in the ACAP package. Look in the ACAP SDK for examples.


      1. hi,
        thanks for your reponse. I have wrote my own cgi programs included in my ACAP package. The problem is that if it works fine on old BOA releases it does not work with new APACHE 2.4 release. I don’t understand why they are not right executed. I have included in the ACAP package all the informations for local ScriptAlias apache parameters ( script) but without success. It’s a CGI problem, Perhaps BASIC or DIGEST security rights are not used correctly but i don’t have any doc on this. Eric.


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