Axis cameras has the capability of uploading web pages and JavaScript via
[ Setup | System Options | Advanced | File Upload ]. This will get tedious if you need to install and remove these on multiple cameras.

It is possible to develop ACAP Add-Ons that only consists of HTML pages and JavaScripts and no binaries. These Add-Ons provides a user interfaces dedicated to a specific user or use-case. As there is no binaries service running in the camera it does not impact camera performance or stability.  The Link Me Add-On is such ACAP.

The ACAP SDK has a script that allows creating an EAP-package without binaries that can then be installed in cameras. Instead of using “ ARTPEC-4” you need to run “ lua” when you are in your project directory. This will require that the package.conf is adjusted and there is a file called some_name.xml.

Download the source code package for Link Me as a starting point. Change all instances of “linkme” in all files to make your own package.


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