Videolapse Me 2.4

Videolapse Me is update to version  2.4

New capabilities:

  1. Automatic recording archiving (now implemented).
    Split recordings on days, weeks or months.
  2. Automatic archive retention (now implemented).
    Prevent filling up the storage device of old archives.
  3. Set resolution in profiles.
    Use any resolution supported by the camera
  4. Extract/Export individual JPEG frames
    Use Frame Inspect interface or the API to extract individual JPEG images.
  5. API overview browser
    Type http://<IP>/local/videolapseme/api in a browser to see the API overview


  1. Better Frame Inspection behavior
  2. Short-link to cameras “Add timer”
    Note: Videolapse Me must be refreshed to query the new timers after timer creation.

Bug fixes:

  1. Improved support for Internet Explorer (for those who do not like using a proper browser)

Go to the download post


  1. Automatic archive retention (now implemented).
    Prevent filling up the storage device of old archives. This does not seem to be retaining the video. after one day of archive it is removed even when the retention is set for”FOREVER”


    1. This sounds odd. The retention is only active when auto-archiving is enabled. “Forever” means to continue saving images until the storage space is full. When this happens, or if there are other problems that prevents images from being saved, a disruption event will be fired. Recordings should never be automatically deleted unless archived with retention limit.
      It sounds like there is some other issues. Are there any traces in the system log of the camera? How much storage space do you have? Are you using SD Card or NAS?


  2. I need to setup an alert when the application stops runnning.

    Is there a way to get the application state for an event trigger?
    Trigger: VideoLapseMe
    Active: Yes/No

    similar to VMD3 and other applications.



    1. Yes, this is possible. Install “Monitor Me” that I have posted on this blog. Once configured for ACAP monitor it will produce events when an ACAP add-on is installed, removed, started or stopped. You can use this event to configure an event/action rule that e.g. sends an email.


  3. At some point will a package me made to support Ambarella S2L processor cameras like the M304x and M310x series?


    1. Have you tried installing the ARM-version in the requested product support? I have not trested myself. There is a good chance it may work. On failure, check log as it may not be the HW platform that causes problem. It may also be a FW incompatibility.


    1. Videolapse Me stores images in an AVI container so it is not suitable. You should setup a FTP recipient and upload images to an FTP server on an event (e.g. recurrence timer). If you do not have an FTP server (and you need to get images to the SD Card) you can get the camera act FTP server. Setup an FTP recipient with the cameras IP address and use the root account credentials. The FTP path to the SD Card is ftp://IP/var/spool/storage/SD_DISK


  4. Does anyone know the error “No Response on GET Image” and what to do about it. Tried on 2 different Axis cameras P1427 and F41 both give the same error. Installation is ok, trying to modify the settings gives this error.
    Tried in IE and in Chrome, same error.

    AH found the problem the Application needs to be turned ON

    I will leave this comment in case someone else searches for this error.


  5. Hi,
    one problem i have:
    when i set in the “auto archive” to “daily”, the FPS option in the recording Tab is always set back to the default of “10” every next day.
    how can i do, to set for example “30” in the FPS option permanent, no matter what the auto archive option is set to?
    kind regards


  6. Hi, is there any way of upgrading this to work on cameras with ARMV7? I keep getting erros and when I check the log files”:

    2018-10-30T15:14:01.996+00:00 axis-accc8ea90e20 [ INFO ] upload.cgi: Uploaded ‘/tmp/Videolapse_Me_2_4-1_armv6.eap’ size:56498
    2018-10-30T15:14:02.138+00:00 axis-accc8ea90e20 [ WARNING ] upload.cgi: Unsupported acap apptype armv6 (architecture armv7hf)
    2018-10-30T15:14:22.510+00:00 axis-accc8ea90e20 [ INFO ] monolith[1095]: RTSP session RcG5M6u8_Er77o7S timed out.
    2018-10-30T15:14:23.649+00:00 axis-accc8ea90e20 [ INFO ] monolith[1095]: RTSP session 8HdmFB2GTecNYp4v timed out.
    2018-10-30T15:14:40.643+00:00 axis-accc8ea90e20 [ INFO ] upload.cgi: Uploaded ‘/tmp/Videolapse_Me_2_4-1_mipsisa32r2el.eap’ size:58421
    2018-10-30T15:14:40.747+00:00 axis-accc8ea90e20 [ WARNING ] upload.cgi: Unsupported acap apptype mipsisa32r2el (architecture armv7hf)


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