Presence Me

Monitor known mobile devices connected to LAN via Wi-Fi and control action rules such as “do not record on motion if authorized individuals (detected by their mobile device) are present”.

Presence Me is an Axis camera plug-in service that can detect if network devices are present on the LAN, typically mobile phones connected via Wi-Fi.  The service generates an event when a user configured IP address is responding.  The event is typically used as an additional condition in action rules to control action execution.


  • Monitor multiple network devices (any type of device with an IP address)
  • Events:
    • One unique event per device
    • When any device in the list is connected
    • When any device is disconnects
  • Low camera CPU consupmtion


  • Mobile device tends to disconnect in idle mode to save battery, especially iPhones.  Note that Wi-Fi is always on while the device is charging.
  • Mobile device IP address may change if DHCP is used.  If this causes problems it is recommended to configure the router to use fixed IP addresses for these devices.


  • Camera platform: ARTPEC-4/-5 (MIPS) & AMBARELLA (ARM)
  • Camera firmware: 5.60 or later



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