Enlighten Me

Control Philips HUE Lights on any camera event.  This camera service provides a cost efficient way to automatically add light when streaming video or visual notify individuals such as responding operators on alarms,  system administrator on mainatenance or  individuals that they are being monitored.


  • Use any camera event to control Philips HUE lights


  • Philips HUE light system (Installed and configured)
  • Axis Camera model based on ARTPEC 4/5 (MIPS)
  • Camera firmware 5.60 or later



  1. I am happy to see people using my camera add-ons.

    I do not think that you are only experience problems for M1065. There are currently two issues with the current version of Enlighten Me.

    1. Philips modified the firmware and changed the authentication method when connecting and creating credentials. If you have updated your Philips HUE lights firmware the current version will no longer work.
    2. The recent camera firmware updated an package that the Enlighten Me depends on. The current version is not compatible with later firmware.

    I hope to get some time to update Enlighten Me to resolve these issues.


  2. Will this work with the current version of the Philips Hue system? I believe the current version is 3.0 if I’m not mistaken.


    1. No. Sorry. Philips HUE modified how to register new users/applications a while back. I belive that updating the HUE with an already working Enlight Me setup will work. But it is not possible to register a new Enligth Me to later HUE versions. I have not had the time to update Enlighten Me to comply with this update. I hope to get some time in the near future. I will contact you when I do.


      1. Thank you very much for your quick response! Definitely let me know if you get a chance to update it, I’m sure it isn’t an easy process to update the app to comply with the Philips Hue changes.


      2. One other question actually. Do you know if this word would with the Philips Hue Version 1? The original version doesn’t appear to be updated the same as the V2, which is the one I’m working with right now. I figured I would ask, and hopefully that would be a possible solution.



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